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Monday, April 10, 2017

4/14 and 4/20 Meeting

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WEB Meeting
April 13th and 20th
Mrs. Holman's Room

Mr. Bradshaw will be teaching us how to interact with the 5th graders when they come to visit our school.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3/7 WEB Meeting

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We will be having a meeting in Mrs. Holman's Room on Tuesday March 7th from 2:40-3:30pm.  The following items will be discussed.

  1. Last Dance:  Thoughts and improvements (lack of people helping clean up after dance)
  2. PBiS: $500 donation
  3. Super Hero Dance:  March 17th (2:40-3:30pm)
  4. Cougar Carnival 2017: May 24th (12:30-2:30pm)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

1/12 Meeting Summary


Dance (Friday February 10th 1:30-2:40pm)
     *Snowball Dance
     *Colors:  white, blue
     *Wristbands:  Sold by FMS teachers during all lunch waives.
     *Set-Up:  Thursday February 9th after school from 2:40-3:45pm.

Dance Supplies
     *  Fake Snow, Cut Snowflakes from paper, white and blue lanterns, beach balls for crowd, dress in blue or white, lights ( white and blue), white and blue balloons, make trees with branches (spray-paint white),  3D snowflakes, b/w streamers, fog machine, paper icicles, inflatables (snow globe),

Candy Grams:  Will be sold 6th-9th 
     *  Peppermint Patties
     * Cookies and Cream

     *January and February
          -Monday:  Kathryn
           -Tuesday: Trisha
          -Wednesday:  Brianna
          -Thursday: Brylee

Recycle Crew (January and February)
     *DeHart, Hagee, Savi, Maddie B!!

Concession for Boys Basketball Games
     *Thursday 1/19 (Need two people to help, email Mr.V or Mrs. Holman if you are available)
     *Thursday 1/26 (Brianna, Brylee)

Next Meeting
     *Monday January 30th Meet as a group after school, with pizza, to make dance decorations

Friday, January 6, 2017

Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5 WEB Meeting Notes

Problem Analysis Form (filled out by WEB): 

Fruita Middle School WEB would like to change the Valentines Day (February 10th) dance to a winter dance.  They would like rename the dance to the "Snow Ball"  and move it to January 27th.  They would like to eliminate romance and promote the winter season.  Candy grams would still be sold, but would not involve romance. 

Thoughts about Dance:

Air Conditioning/Open Windows
Good music selection
--song request:  Twist and Shout by The Beatles
WEB must choreograph at dance

WEB Pictures:

Will be taken afterschool this Wednesday December 7th in Mrs. Holman 's room

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

10/14 Meeting Notes

Basketball Concessions
Monday November 7th (3:30-5:30pm)
  • Amber and Cloie
Thursday November 10th (3:30-5:30pm)
  • Josh and Tie

Basketball Concession Playoffs (TBD) 
Thursday November 17th
  • Gage and Luke
Friday November 18th
  • Gage and Luke

Morning Cougar Cave
We need volunteers to help Mr. Dickson and other teachers sell items in the Cougar Cave on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00-7:30am.  It is an expectation that each WEB Crew member volunteer at least once during the 2016-2017 school year.  Email Mr. Dickson at Bryant.Dickson@d51schools,.org to reserve a spot in the cave to help out.

Sit with Us Table (Kylie B.)
Have a "Sit with Us Table" run by WEB Crew Members in the cafeteria.  We will come up with a ticket to provide FMS teachers that would inform our WEB team of potential FMS students that would benefit from the "Sit with Us Table".  This table is for students that are new to our school or might be having issues making friends.  Teachers or students can fill out these tickets and return them to Mrs. Holman or Mr. Vanlandingham.  We will continue discussions at our next meeting

Next Meeting will be on November 7th