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Monday, January 29, 2018


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I need a few creative students to help make some decorations for the dance that takes place on February 14th.  I need about 7-8 students to help out with this project.   We will meet in my room February 12th from 2:40pm-4:00pm.  BRING DECORATION IDEAS!!! 

1.  Kinzie  
2.  Mackenzie
3.  Abby
4.  Giselle
5.  Faith

I also need WEB members in the gym (7:00am-7:18am) February 7th-13th selling candy grams and key chains to FMS students.  4 students per day.

Wednesday 2/7  Giselle, Ryleigh, Regan, Lillian, Faith
Thursday 2/8  Giselle, Regan, Lillian, Faith
Friday 2/9  Giselle, Regan, Lillian, Faith
Monday 2/12  Giselle, Regan, Lillian, Faith
Tuesday 2/13  Giselle, Regain, Lillian, Faith

Please email me at Scott.Vanlandingham@d51schools.org if you are able to help with either or both of these events. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mr.Vanlandingham's Room

Wednesday, January 17th


Can Food Drive Summary
  • Start earlier.  Make sure to have prizes.  800+ can were collected.  Holding signs outside for at student drop off (warmer weather).  Possible large sign that stays outside (banner).  Raffle ticket idea worked well.  Two tables (one in the gym and one in the office) for can food collecting.  End of day announcement.  Email to all parents.
3rd Quarter Recycle Teams (FRIDAY'S DURING AC.LAB)
  • Upstairs 6th Grade:  Isa, Amanda (B)   
  • Downstairs 6th Grade: Lillian, DeAnna (B)
  • Upstairs 7th Grade:  Kinzie, Regan, Isabella (C)
  • Downstairs 7th Grade:  Giselle, Ryleigh (C) 
  • Exploratory/Elective:  Joce, Jersey (C)
  • Copy Room  MaRiley, Mackenzie (A)
3rd Quarter Announcement Teams
  • Monday, Tuesday:  Regan, Maleigha, Mackenzie
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  Dylan, Ryer, Abby


Valentines Day Dance
  • Set-Up After-School in Gym (February 13th)
  • Take-Down After-School in Gym (February 14th)
 Candy Grams
  • Will be sold in the Gym in the mornings only February 7th-13th
  • Cost $2
  • Candy:  Kit-Kat Bars
  • Candy Gram Template:  Regan and Lillian (Due February 2nd)
  • Decoration Creation Committee: WEB members that are creative and would like to make some homemade decorations for the dance will be meeting February 12th from 2:40-4:00pm.  This isn't a mandatory meeting.
  • Colors  (reds, pinks, whites)


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mr. Vanlandingham's Room
Friday December 1st

Food Drive
Ryer R. would like to enter Fruita Middle School into the "Take a Bite out of Hunger" campaign.  The school that raises the most canned food in Mesa County earns $1000 for their school.  He would like our help in collecting and counting can goods before school 7:00am-7:30am next week.  If you are able to help out with this campaign, please come to our meeting.  If you are busy and cannot help out in the mornings (riding a bus, too busy) that is fine.  We need four WEB members to commit in helping him out on the dates below.  Please come to the meeting on December 1st with the mornings that you can help  out with.

December 4th:  Dylan, Fabrizo, Lillian, Trial, Kinzie, Jersey
December 5th:  Lillian, Fabrizo, Kinzie, Regan, Maleigha, Isa, Dylan, Trail
December 6th:  Trail, Kinzie, Amanda, Isa, Lillian, Dylan, Jersey
December 7th:  Dylan, Giselle, Kenzie, Trail, Josslin
December 8th :  Jersey,Giselle, Kinzie, Trail, Josslin, Dylan

Spirit Week
We also need to come up with ideas for Spirit Week for the end of December.  Come in with some fun ideas that will get everyone at school involved.  Last year we did Pajama Day, Squad Day (matching clothes), and Christmas Day (ugly sweaters).
December 13th:  Imposter Day
December 14th:  Dress like your Teacher
December 15th:  PJ Day
Recycle Update
Upstairs 6th Grade: 
Downstairs 6th Grade:

Upstairs 7th Grade:
Downstairs 7th Grade: 

Copy Room:

3rd Quarter Morning Announcement Crew
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  Regan, Maleigha, Mackenzie,
Tuesday and Thursday:  Dylan, Ryer, Abby

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Veterans Day School Assesmbly

I need 10 WEB members that would like to help out Mr. Beynon and Ms. Hernandez direct students in the hallways and to help sit students in auditorium.  Below is the information about the assembly.  Please email me at scott.vanlandingham@d51schools.org ASAP.  The first 10 WEB Leaders to respond via email to this post will be slotted in to help.

Veterans Day Assembly

Thursday November 9th
Released from class at 1:30pm to office
Report to Mr. Beynon and Ms. Hernandez
Must be wearing pink WEB shirts

1) Isabella K.
2) Lillian B.
3) Mackenzie N.
4) Regan D.
5) MaRiley B.
6) Maleigha L.
7) DeAnna R.
8) Kindal F.
9) Ryan K.
10) Joce C.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Meeting Notification

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Monday October 23rd 
Mrs. Carroll's Room

Halloween Dance Details 
  • October 30th (2:40-4:00pm): Dance Set-Up
  • October 31st (1:35-2:40pm):  Dance Day
  • October 31st (2:40-3:10pm):  Dance Clean-Up
  • Costumes cannot be worn during school classes.  
  • Students can change into costumes before the dance or wear underneath your school clothes.  No blood, imitation weapons, no masks.
  • Tickets will be sold in the cafeteria during lunch all lunch waives for $3.
  • Any student with a ISS/OSS during the 1st quarter cannot attend.
  • Kids who don't want to attend the dance:  Reading in the library, movie in the auditorium, board games in a teachers room (teacher TBD)
  • Concessions in the Cougar Cave.
Dance Needs/Responsibilities
  • Dance Playlist:  I must be able to access or download the playlist from my iPad.
  • Halloween Decoration:  Inflatables, pumpkins, etc.
  • Select a movie to play in the auditorium.
Recycle Update

  • Make sure that you are sticking to your cleaning areas.

Review Concession Sign-ups

Morning Announcements

  • Three students to read the say the pledge, read announcements, and come up with a fun fact of the day or something that occurred on this day in history.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summary of Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Recycle Day Duties:  Completed Every Friday for 1st Quarter

Upstairs 6th Grade: Fabrizo, Caliah, Abbigale, Trail
Downstairs 6th Grade: Ryan, MaRiley, Jersey, Atticus

Upstairs 7th Grade:  Grant, Dylan, Giselle, Josslin
Downstairs 7th Grade:  Ryer, Noah, Helen, Danika

Exploratory/Elective:  Isa, Elizabeth, Abby, Faith

October Dance
October 30th (2:40pm-4:00pm)  Dance Set-Up om Gym
October 31st (1:30pm-2:30pm; 7th Hour) Dance
October 31st (2:30-3:05) Dance Clean-Up; Gym must be cleaned up ASPA due to boys basketball game.

Home Game Concession Stands (3:30pm-5:00pm)

9/19 Giselle and Kinzie

9/20 Atticus and Dylan

10/23  Berry and __________ 

10/31  Danika and Maleigha

11/2  Josslin and Ryan

11/6  DeAnna and Mackenzie

Monday, September 11, 2017

9/13 WEB Meeting

Mrs. Carroll's Room

This Wednesday 9/13


Please arrange for a ride home after the meeting

Volleyball players will need to speak with coaches about attending the meeting.  If you are unable to attend please email Mr. Vanlandigham